The Operational Art of War IV

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The Operational Art of War IV
Dominant theme 20th century
Realtime or turn-based? Turn-based
AI opponent Yes
Multiplayer Hotseat/PBEM
Product Info
Developer(s) TrickeySoft LLC
Publisher Matrix Games
Platform(s) Windows
Licensing Commercial
Official site
German and Russian forces are depicted by grey and red colored counters respectively across plains, marshy, and forested terrain crisscrossed by rail lines, roads, and rivers.
Tannenberg 1914 scenario zoomed out view.

The Operational Art of War IV's manual describes it as "a combined simulation and Scenario editor covering military campaigns over the past century". It models land warfare and naval warfare. Air warfare is included, though more abstractly. The system flexibly allows for creating scenarios with different unit sizes and time and map scales.


The Operational Art of War IV Community Manual