TOAW IV: Standard rules

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Standard Rules

While standard rules are available for playing, most scenarios used the Advanced Rule Set. It is not recommended to play any scenario using the Standard Rules unless the Scenario Briefing states to do so.

Standard Rules do provide a simpler introduction for those new to the game. Under Standard Rules, any sections described in this wiki as Advanced Rules will not apply to your game.

Under standard rules, the following applies:

  • All right mouse button popup game menus are eliminated.
  • Movement is always made by units individually and combat is always executed as a group. The embarking and disembarking of units are done using the small brass buttons in the Unit Panel.
  • The Unit Report window is unavailable.
  • Unit Orders and Loss Tolerance settings are inaccessible. Graphics representing Loss Tolerance, Orders, and Unit Health are not shown on 2D unit icons.
  • All environmental effects (Weather and Time of Day) are treated as daytime / moderate temperatures / fair weather.
  • Target Density and Traffic Density rules are off. Map graphics associated with these two rules are not displayed.
  • All units are considered fully supplied.
  • All locations are considered “seen”.
  • All friendly units are fully “cooperative”.
  • All air unit missions are assigned by the computer. You can override computer assigned missions by using your air units to bomb enemy targets if you wish. (Scenario designers should understand that missions are assigned at the end of the Turn, so the missions assigned in the Editor will be the missions executed on the first Turn.)
  • Bridge Blowing, Bridge Repair, and Bridge Attacks are not available.
  • Automatic damage to rail lines by units inside enemy territory will not occur.
  • Unit division occurs only as a result of combat. Theater options are not available (Scenario designers should keep this in mind and assign secondary activations for Theater Option events if they are necessary for the Scenario). Certain Menu options are meaningless and are grayed out.

Advanced Rules

As a general description, playing with advanced rules on will enable or account for the following in games:

  • Unit Icon Display
    • Unit health indicators
    • Unit formation cooperation
  • Orders to Units
    • Unit Deployment Orders
    • Changing Deployment Status
    • Setting Unit Loss Tolerance Orders
    • Dividing Units into Sub-units
    • Scope of Orders (to single units or groups)
  • Air Unit Combat Support and Air Superiority Reactions
  • Selecting Theater Options
  • Attack Menus and Attack Planning
  • Fortification
  • Demolition/Bridge and Railroad Repair
  • Target Density
  • Movement costs in dense areas
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Reconnaissance
  • Supply and Communication Checks
  • Replacement Readiness Recovery
  • Command and Control
  • Environmental Effects on Combat
    • Terrain has effect on combat
    • Visibility and time of day affect air unit strengths
  • Unit Reports
  • Formation Reports
  • Climate and Weather