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Editing Pages

Creating a wiki account is required as well as requesting edit permissions. Create an account and then go to User:Misterindubitably page and use 'email this user' from the left menu to request edit access. For more information about editing wiki pages, see MediaWiki Editing Pages

When you come across a page (or a section in a page) you want to change, click 'Edit' (either by section name to edit that section or the Edit tab at top of the interface). This will pull up a visual editor where you can make changes (or you can 'Edit source' to use wiki markup).

Creating New Pages

There are multiple ways to create new pages, the preferred is, when editing a page, to write out name for a new page, highlight that new name, click the 'link' button in the editor, click 'Done', and save/publish your changes. The link you made will be colored red, and if you follow it then it will take you to the new page you made, ready to add content.

You can also search for a page name (e.g., the name of a game you want to add a page for, and if it is not found, you will have the option to create a new page). For more information on creating new pages, see MediaWiki Starting a New Page

Linking Pages

If you use the visual editor to create a link, it will typically suggest pages to link to. I have not found a way for it to suggest anchors as well (meaning it auto-scrolls your browser to a specific heading/section on the page), so I have been inserting these through 'Edit source' and essentially writing them by hand.

Many parts of the The Operational Art of War IV Community Manual use anchors in their links. If you rename or move sections to other pages, you should update the existing links. To see what links to the current page you are editing, click 'What links here' on the left navigation bar. You may need check these pages and update anchor tags and locations as needed.

For more information about linking pages, see MediaWiki Links


Feel free to add content and make edits, especially:

  • Creating pages for wargames. Work on a template for wargames is in progress. For an example to follow for a wargame page, see Combat Command Series
  • Articles on scenario or wargame design
  • Articles introducing or expanding concepts of wargaming, strategies and tips
  • Organizing existing content
  • Creating new sections of the wiki for digital wargaming

Also see the Wargame Wiki:About for an idea of what the wiki is about.

Anything that appears to be spam or in bad taste will be removed. Changes to pages can be reverted to fix such issues.


This wiki has extensions to support:

  • Math formulas (when editing, use Insert menu > More > Math Formula in the visual editor). The formulas use markup which you can read about at MediaWiki Math User Guide
  • Uploading images
  • Templates (when editing, use Insert menu > Template--right now the only template is an infobox for wargame pages, such as the one used in The Operational Art of War IV and Combat Command Series)