Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm

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Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm
Dominant theme Cold War
Realtime or turn-based? Turn-based (WEGO)
AI opponent Yes
Multiplayer PBEM
Product Info
Developer(s) On Target Simulations
Publisher Matrix Games
Platform(s) Windows
Licensing Commercial
Official site
Fulda Frontier of Freedom scenario with human player as NATO and AI opponent Warsaw Pact.

Combat in scenarios and campaigns set at height of the Cold War and played out through a simultaneous turn execution system with dynamic amounts of time for submitting orders (where environmental factors and the unfolding of the battle influence the frequency of input and control).


Key Function
F1 Open game manual
F2 Open Tactical Ops Center
F3 Gameplay options
F4 Avatar selection dialog
F5 Open set game, player ,and unit defaults
F6 Open subunit inspector
Shift + F9
Keypad Scoll main map
Keypad 5 Center main map on selected location
Ctrl + A Show friendly paths
Ctrl + B Back (previous) unit
Ctrl + C Cover
Ctrl + E Elevations
Ctrl + F Max fire area
Ctrl + H Surface HQ's in stacks
Ctrl + L LOS (shift-click for LOS at location)
Ctrl + N Next unit
Ctrl + O Spottable from
Ctrl + R Cycle stack
Ctrl + S Select stack
Ctrl + T Mobility hindrance values
Ctrl + U Show/hide units
Ctrl + V Show/hide VP markers
Ctrl + Y Spotted enemies
Ctrl + Z Screen shot
Shift -click on unit Create groups of units