Birth of America 2: Wars in America

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Birth of America 2: Wars in America
Dominant theme American War for Independence
Realtime or turn-based? Turn-based (WEGO)
AI opponent Yes
Multiplayer PBEM
Product Info
Developer(s) AGEOD
Publisher Matrix Games
Platform(s) Windows
Licensing Commercial
Official site
A depiction in-game of the northeastern America and a recently captured town.
Mid-game scenario of British versus the French in the scenario 'Birth of America 2 The Lily and the Lion 1689-1692'.

Play scenarios or campaigns (longer and larger scale scenarios) covering the Pequot War (1636) to 1815 playing as various forces: Great Britain, France, the United States of America, and Natives.


Each turn is one month. The smallest military unit in the game is an Element, which is a company, squadron, or battery consisting of at least one strength point. A force on the map is represented by a troop display marker and each marker is comprised of units which can have their orders set using command and posture ROE - Rules of Engagement (e.g., Offensive command posture with sustained attack ROE).

VP's are predominantly gained by holding important locations on the map, achieving scenario goals, and destroying enemy units. Forces have a National Morale influenced by objective cities being gained or lost that in turn affects unit cohesion, supply production, and accumulation of money. A very high or low national morale can lead to triggering the automatic end to the scenario in victory or defeat, respectively.


Moving troops is accomplished by clicking and dragging (troop display markers) on a map of North America. Dragging the marker to another region will move it there, moving it to the region it's currently in will cancel move orders. The marker can be moved onto an enemy force to intercept it or a friendly force (to merge forces). These markers can also be dropped onto cities or harbors to enter them.

In the unit panel displayed along bottom of the screen, you can Ctrl-click to select/unselect multiple units. The mouse wheel will scroll through them. In the unit panel the hotkeys A, O, D, P can change the force to the corresponding posture.

Hotkey Function
F5 Objectives screen
C Center map on selected force
Ctrl Show number of men in force
Shift With Army Force selected, displays Army Command Radius

With non-Army Force selected, displays regions and nature of links

Q/W Cycle through 'locked' land forces
E/R Cycle through land forces. With Ctrl, skip units that are not moving.
T/Y Cycle through naval forces. With Ctrl, skip units that are not moving.
S (Sentry) force will be skipped when cycling through forces (with hotkeys above)
Ctrl + S Remove all 'sentry' orders
Ctrl + L Lock/unlock all Forces (to prevent forces dropped onto another from merging).
1 - 6 Switch map filter.
Ctrl F1 - F4 Use unit filter for you or your enemy
Ctrl F9 End game turn
Ctrl Shift S Save game
F1 Force list
F2 Replacements (Secretary of War)
F3 Military Options (Secretary of War)
F4 Diplomatic Options (Secretary of State)
F5 Objectives (Secretary of State)
F6 Scenario Background